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Our Spell Books

Posted June 23rd, 2010 at 03:15 PM by Sylvano the Wasabus
Some folks asked, so here they are.

We tried to make our spell books simple to use and understand. We tried to use mostly Scape words and concepts.

A “charge” is a unit of magical energy. You can buy one for 5 points. You buy charges at the beginning of the game when you select your figures. You’ll need something to represent the charges- toothpicks, pennies, Lego.

Spells in book one require one charge to cast, spells in book two require two and spells in book three take three.

Each mage usually has a “natural spell”; for example Emirroon’s is his Elven Summoning Spell. A mage’s natural spell costs nothing for that mage to use. A mage only has to use charges to use spells from the spells books.

You must decide what level (one two or three) each mage is. Emirroon, I’d say, is a level three mage.

Mages in level one can only cast from spell book one. Mages in level two can cast from books one and two, and third level mages can do whatever they want.

Spells are regarded as special attacks and follow all the standard rules for special attacks.

A “Block” spell is the only spell that may be used defensively – i.e. not on your turn. If your opponent is using a spell, you may attempt to block it. The range of a block must include either the spell’s originating hex, ending hex or trajectory hexes to affect it. And yes, a block can be blocked. So can the attempted blocking of a blocking of a block, etc.

These books are balanced to our game- which is so heavily customized it is not like your game. Our heroes only have two lives. They usually have a stronger defense to help them survive. But these spells might work just fine in normal Scape. I don’t really know, since I’ve never played normal Scape....

Right now our spells only last for one turn, unless otherwise noted. (example, if you cast Bless and increase the attack of a unit it’s just for one turn) .
A stands for Always, which means the spell always succeeds.

Spell Book One
All Level 1 spells have a range of 4

Spell chance Effect

Stun 15+ stuns one figure for one turn
Magic Arrow A hits one figure with an attack of 4 dice

Sheild 5+ to block a level one spell
10+ to block a level two spell
15+ to block a level three spell

Heal 15+ removes one wound

Bless A +1 attack
Weakness A -1 Attack
Haste A +1 movement
Slow A - 1 movement
Amourate A +1 defense
Curse A -1 defense

We have long played Heros of Might and Magic 3 and you can see their spell books have greatly influenced our spell books.

Spell Book Two

All Level two spells have a range of 6

Spell chance effect

Stun 15+ Stuns a figure for 2 turns
Lightning Bolt A attacks a figure with 6 dice
Berserk 10+ causes a figure to attack the closest figure to it with normal attack
Blast wave A 3 dice attack on four connected hexes
Block A to block a level one spell
5+ to block a level two spell
10+ to block a level three spell

Heal 10+ remove 1 wound

Teleport 10+ Moves 1 figure 5 hexes

Prayer A +1 to all stats
Forgetfulness 10+ ranged units forget to use their ranged attack that turn
Blessing A +2 Attack
Disarm A -2 attack
Frenzy A +3 Attack But -1 D
Sprint A +2 Movement
Distract A -2 Movement
Fortify A +2 Defense
Weaken A -2 Defense

For example, a level two Block always stops a level one spell, and needs a 5+ to stop a level two spell, or a 10+ to stop a level three spell.

Spell book three

All Level three spells have a range of 8

Spell chance effect

Stun 15+ stuns a figure for three turns
Superzap 5+ knocks flyers out of the air to the ground (they take no falling damage)

Implosion A attacks a figure with 8 dice
Meteor Shower 5+ 3 attached hexes are attacked with 5 dice each
Armaggedon 5+ all hexes immediately attached to the caster’s hex are attacked with 5 dice

5+ causes a figure to attack the closest figure to it with normal attack

Lightening field A to block a level one spell
A to block a level two spell
5+ to block a level three spell

Heal 5+ removes 1 wound
Resurrect 15+ gives one life to dead figures
Teleport 5+ moves three figured 10 hexes

Bind 5+ a figure cannot move out of its current hex for two turns but can still attack

Scorch 5+ creates one lava tile
Faith A +3 attack
Spasm A -3 attack
Superspeed A +3 move
Decrease A -3 move
Enhance A +3 defense
Roufloo A -3 Defense

In our games we generally play two types of mages:

- the mage with a lot of charges. A mage with 100 points+ of charges is a powerful figure. They often engage in “duels” with enemy mages blocking each other’s spells- which is nasty because one tends to run out of charges quickly. These mages may be powerful, but they are very susceptible to plain simple normal attacks, which they can’t block. If they die early, their charges are lost points!

- the mage with few charges. These are usually mages who are expendable. They are decent melee fighters and are in the front lines, slugging and stabbing with everyone else.

I have actually printed out little books and we keep them on hand when we play, since we don’t know them by heart yet.
I don’t know if anyone will ever try this- but if you do- good Scaping to you!
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This is cool. I have tried this before but failed. I will definetly try this.
Posted June 23rd, 2010 at 05:40 PM by dfonse dfonse is offline
ZBeeblebrox's Avatar
This is cool stuff, thanks for sharing
Posted June 25th, 2010 at 12:04 PM by ZBeeblebrox ZBeeblebrox is offline
Revloscaper's Avatar
I love playing Heroes 3! I like the spells and the only adaptation I can see for normal scape would be changing the heal to be automatic (since figures tend to have more then two hitpoints) and superzap. Well thought out
Posted June 27th, 2010 at 10:40 PM by Revloscaper Revloscaper is offline
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