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Mage-ical Musings

Posted May 20th, 2010 at 06:01 PM by Sylvano the Wasabus
I have been resisting magic for a long time.
It is a hard thing to put out of your mind. Even if you think you’ve succeeded, suddenly there it is.
I talked to my children yesterday about their magical plans, getting it all straight in my head.

This morning I had strange nightmares. I usually wake when the light is blue- I don’t know why it shines blue in the early morning but it does. This morning I dreamt the alarm went off and when I grabbed the clock I crushed it. Or rather it disintegrated in my hand. I then went to open the curtain. But underneath the curtain was another curtain, and yet another, and still another. They curtains did not end. I marveled at this. And then woke up in my bed. And it was not time to get up.

Just a common dream you say? I generally never remember my dreams. I think it is a symptom of the magic that has infested my home.

At my house, Scape is never stagnant; it is an always evolving game of customization.

We are currently in the development of ravening hordes stage- cheap squads with low attack and low defense but there are dozens and dozens of them. A strong hero, even a Q10 can only take out so many before they are overwhelmed. It’s an interesting dynamic. It makes one really examine the landscape carefully for defensive positioning.

But that’s not what I was going to write about today. Today is for the thing I have been avoiding- the proposed infiltration of magic into our games.

Sure we have a few mages like the Scape classic elves, and a few customs with similar abilities, but what my children are proposing will take us down a much different road.

But I guess we’ve already gone down a different road- so why am I hesitating? I guess – to continue the tepid road metaphor- I can still look back and see Classic Scape. I have delusions of going to a tournament or playing against other people on this site. If I go much further down this road will I be able to go back? Will I want to?

My kids want to make magic spells available to all mages. It seems reasonable enough, but I fear it will change our game irreversibly.

We have moved slowly on this because of me- I wanted to see all of the aspects laid carefully out. Sometimes in the past we have undergone wild changes- come up with an usual idea and then just tried it- sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, that’s the way it goes.

But this time I wanted to see it all before I gave it a try. My one son has been making notes and plans and keeping track of ideas and their evolution, as well as my conditions. I insisted that it would have to be simple to use and understand and compatible with what we already have- no going back and changing every one of our 500 cards please.

Here is the proposal that has been created:

There will be three levels of mages appropriately named one, two and three.

In order to cast spells, mages will require power. A single unit of power is to be called a “charge”, and each charge will cost points (i.e. five points per charge- the exact price has not yet been determined)

Level one mages will be able to select spells from a level one spell book, where most of the spells need one charge to cast. A level one spell will be simple, perhaps something that could be cast on other figures to increase attack, defense or movement by one.

Level two mages will be able to select spells from both a level one and a level two spell book. Level two spells will require two charges to cast, and they will be more powerful and complex than level one- perhaps a lightening bolt attack or temporary shadows.

Level three mages will be rare. They will be able to use all three spell books and level three spells will cost three charges to cast. Level three spells will be complex and dangerous- things like chain- lightening or transporting figures across the board.

It was designed this way so we wouldn’t have to increase the price of any mages already in existence- the price is in the charges.

Their levels are self-evident. Sonlen would be a level three. Most of the other elves are level two.

Each new mage we create will have one power, similar to the ones that are already in existence. Each mage will be able to use their “natural” power an unlimited number of times- that is no charges required. To use the spell books and cast additional spells their player will have to invest in charges.

I know it’s not your Scape, but what do you think?
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MegaSilver's Avatar
I say that it's a nice idea, but I agree with you that you should limit how many spells can be created. Say 10-15 spells max.

OR, a neater idea, it could be a seperate thing, like how Marvel is in Heroscape. It follows the same rules a Heroscape, but it's not suggested to mix them. Perhaps you and your kids can have special situations where the spells can be casted, but for most "normal" games you play they can't be used. Much like when certain maps have special scenarios, only for you there can be specials games when they can be used.

Posted May 20th, 2010 at 07:42 PM by MegaSilver MegaSilver is offline
Takanuva's Avatar
Maybe you can have the spells be written in spellbooks, so there will only be limited amount, and then you can ssign more power to individual books without worrying about power-creep. Also, you could have them be bought and assigned before the game, and taken from defeated spellcasters mid-game(Like treasure glyphs)
Posted May 20th, 2010 at 09:53 PM by Takanuva Takanuva is offline
chas's Avatar
In my fantasy miniatures games, you have to preselect the spells available to each wizard before the game starts. One spell called Cancel will cancel another spell! One spell can be chosen for multiple uses if paid for. Have fun.
Posted May 20th, 2010 at 10:40 PM by chas chas is offline
I've never been a fan of preselected spells if you have levelled spell books but, and I haven't tried this - heck I'm still trying to make sure I have the regular rules right - I would suggest the ability to cast a spell should be worked up to.

What I mean is -and this is just thoughts -
- On a level 1 spell the wizard could not move or attack that round.
- For a level two spell the wizrd would have to use a full order marker before being able to cast that spell without the ability to move/attack. Place two order markers on him and he could cast on his second order marker assuming the spell wasn't broken by the wizard having to defend against an attack.
- For a level three spell the wizrd would have to use two full order markers before being able to cast that spell without the ability to move/attack. Place three order markers on him and he could cast on his third order marker assuming the spell wasn't broken by the wizard having to defend against an attack.

And to stop potential power creep make wizards only allowed to cast a spell on one turn (i.e. for a level three spell all three active order markers would have to be on that card).

Just some thoughts.
Posted May 21st, 2010 at 01:30 PM by AMIS AMIS is offline
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