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Oh my gosh Otonashi!

Posted February 11th, 2010 at 12:29 PM by Sylvano the Wasabus
With all the hoopla about green lizards that love dragons I decided to write a romantic Valentine’s Day story about green eggs being hatched by a dragon named Ham. Just kidding. This is about Otonashi. You might think there is no connection, but maybe there is?

My family and I don’t have many of the wave boosters. We didn’t know where to buy them and honestly there’s only one store that sells them in this whole gray city. Plus we always have to watch our pennies. We had MS1 and 2 and were very excited when we found the booster with Otonashi- our first booster.

We started “the heroscape jar” on the kitchen table, and whenever anyone had some extra change, it went into the jar. (my sons mowed lawns and shoveled snow to add to the jar) We saved up enough to get most of wave 8.

Chardris gets a little bit of play and we ending up getting the Templars to go with Sir Dupuis but we never found any of Kato-Katsuro’s boys (except the Izumis from MS 1). Poor Kato almost never gets played, though we’re looking for some samurais for him now. I do feel sorry for him.

BUT the most puzzling figure was Otonashi. She was worth ten points. How could that be?

(we missed wave 7 and all those lower pointed figures and didn’t even know they existed)

We were just starting to make Customs and had evolved a sort-of-system to value figures, but Otonashi broke every rule.

We noticed in play that she rarely survived an attack. (We are heavily into ranged units.) She became a specialist figure, getting glyphs (in our game they’re like treasure glyphs, and you can carry most of them around). She’s got good movement (we use front of card stats) so she’s good at getting places quickly- good in race type scenarios. Phantom walk is excellent; Tricky Speed has only been used once and Attack the Wild only a few times.

We still couldn’t get our heads around it- why was she only worth ten points?

The result was mind opening for us. Obviously, there is more than one way to point value figures. There must be exceptions and special cases. It was the beginning of a huge flood of customs for us that didn’t follow what we thought was “the system”.

At our house there is now officially an “Otonashi rule”- if a common figure’s front stats (M, R, A, D) add up to 16 or less and the specials are very specific (read: infrequently used) the figure can be scored as 10 points.
This led to the “Dwarf rule”, which devalues dwarven figures by 30 points to make them reasonable. (Our dwarves have low movement and a good attack, but they get mowed down by archers) We are just now developing a large dwarf army with synergies that make up for their deficiencies.

So we discovered that the value of a figure couldn’t be determined by stats and special powers- there was also some other judging system at work- how a unit is played and works in battle. Everything is not as it appears.

I have read the Greenscales’ card, and was on the site yesterday and I saw strange things- like a shark feeding frenzy, excitement and blood and sharks snapping at each other. It was kind of scary. And then the site went down. I don’t know how the Greenscales are going to play, but maybe they will change the way some people see the game, like Otonashi did for us.

At our house poor Otonashi doesn’t get used much anymore- “Armour of Tom” has replaced her as the 10-point hero of choice. He’s slow, has a poor attack (he almost never wounds anyone) but he’s completely armoured and has excellent defense. He’s a solid, dependable fellow. He blocks roads, entrances and is a very dependable guard. He’s a D and D figure and we have six of him.

My complaint with MS3 and D1 is that we have a bunch of the figures already. We have two of the Greenscales, and the ice monster guy too, plus all the drow and the heroes and they already have personalities, stats and specials and ways of playing. It’s hard to get into something that we already have in use, something that is customed to our game style. New figures are the only exciting thing for us…
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killercactus's Avatar
Heh - you should really try Isamu.
Posted February 11th, 2010 at 12:37 PM by killercactus killercactus is offline
EternalThanos86's Avatar
Originally Posted by killercactus
Heh - you should really try Isamu.
No kidding. Otonashi is actually a well-costed 10pt figure in the overall meta-game. Isamu is an interestingly-costed 10pt figure that has the ability to run the table and take out an entire opponents army by himself (especially 4th Mass. or KoW).

Still, the regional effect of not having everything Heroscape has to offer can lead to some interesting views on individual figures. My group used to fight over Cyprien Esenwein because we were hero-heavy with very few common squads.
Posted February 11th, 2010 at 05:52 PM by EternalThanos86 EternalThanos86 is offline
ElvenEnvy's Avatar
I agree with ET this a good example of what I call "kitchen table metagame". What you own and what you don't will skew your view of what's good and what's bad.
Posted February 11th, 2010 at 08:13 PM by ElvenEnvy ElvenEnvy is offline
Chardris's Avatar
Green eggs and Ham. Good one!
Posted February 12th, 2010 at 09:58 AM by Chardris Chardris is offline
BassistofDoom's Avatar
Its really cool to read what you and your family have done with heroscape in terms of customs and changing rules and stuff. It inspires me to add my own personal touch to heroscape too. Just had to say that.

As far as 10 point figures go, I would much rather have Isamu than Otonashi but she can be very good especially if you send her against orcs or something.
Posted February 15th, 2010 at 08:16 PM by BassistofDoom BassistofDoom is offline
FatDragon465's Avatar
i still like isamu better...mua ha ha
Posted February 16th, 2010 at 10:17 PM by FatDragon465 FatDragon465 is offline
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