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Templar Trouble

Posted January 28th, 2010 at 01:14 PM by Sylvano the Wasabus
Templar Trouble


This is about:
1)Repairing broken Templar Lances
2)My first attempt at photos
3)My little obsession

If you've read my other blog posts you'll know I have a three year old son. His older brothers (and me too) desperately want him to be old enough to Scape with us. We're trying to be patient. So in the meantime, we let him play with the figures, which he absolutely loves. Sometimes itís eye opening to see a warrior of Ashra driving a little dump truck. Or Major Q10 herding cows. Most of the figures are pretty sturdy. We have a box of fragiles that he's not allowed to touch, but somehow Mister Three Years Old got the Templars.

1)I love the Templars. It was my first real present as a Dad, when my boys were ten and seven. For my birthday, for the first time ever, they gave me something I really wanted- the Templars. I had drooled over them at our LGS and theyíd remembered. They'd saved their money and bought it secretly. I was floored. I love my Templars.
My three year old likes Templars too. He likes to wiggle their lances. Those little lances aren't held on by much. They come off pretty easily. I was heartbroken when the first lance found freedom. I tried to repair it, failed, and then this is what I eventually came up with:

I took my smallest drill bit, 1/16Ē, and carefully drilled a tiny hole in the lance where it had been attached to the figure. Then I enlarged the hole with a 5/64Ē drill bit. I found that if I started with the larger bit, the plastic wouldn't hole. Then I covered the stump in the Templar's hand with glue, put some glue in the new hole in the lance and put them together. It has worked wonderfully, and all three Templars are now born again.

2)Some folks have asked to see some photos of our customs. So I stole a camera. I have the photographic skill of a hippopotamus but I gave it a try. Most of the photos didn't turn out. I was too close and the white Templars reflected the flash and just looked blurry, blobby, and white. And Iím pretty sure I heard Sir Dupuis tell me to shove the camera.

So I took a few photos and brought them to work, the only place I have internet access. The pictures turned out to be too big to upload. I can do four things really well with computers, but monkeying with photos isnít one of them. The cool lady with the dreads from the downstairs office came up and walked me through it. She didnít say anything when she saw the pictures were ofÖ toys. The rest of the staff can laugh, but they (sadly) donít know the pleasures of Scape. Anyway, so now I have a photo! And a second one! It shows the Templars riding through Bleakwoode forest. When the living cross into the dead trees they receive the Bleakwoode curse: -1 A and D. The undead get +1 A, D and M. Wild creatures are immune. And of course, any figure standing next to a dead tree gets Dead Tree Camouflage.

I have long admired the customs here on this site. Now that I see mine in photo form, for the first time I can compare them to the great stuff others have made. Mineís not so hot. You guys are good!

And... I can only get one on the blog. It shows as a photo in the preview, but not in the post.... still working on it.

3)As you can see from the photos I have extra home made custom Templar Cavalry, and Templar archers and Templar pike men. And Templar horses that of course can carry two figures. My twelve year old son authoured the cards- the footmen have a special called Holy Orders; if they pray for one turn (no attack, no move, no defending), the next turn they get +2 A and D. The Templar brothers (the pike men) get +1 A and D if they are next to another Templar (special called Brotherhood) as well as Holy Orders.

The real Templars are one of my many little obsessions, as you may have guessed.
I looked all over for Templar minis, but found few and none in my tiny price range. So I made these ones. It's easy. You just have to paint things white and add a red cross. Soon, I'll have a Templar army. My sons are already building custom Templar killers. At our house, Custom Creations is just another term for the Arms Race.

I read somewhere that all insane people sooner or later become obsessed with Templar mysteries and myth. And then they can't stop talking about it.
I guess that confirms what most folks think of me already.
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chas's Avatar
I still say all cavalry should get an extra defense die! SCAPE ON!
Posted January 29th, 2010 at 02:11 PM by chas chas is offline
Revloscaper's Avatar
Those templar guys in the photo are awesome. I really like the idea of making a themed army based on just a couple units.
Posted February 7th, 2010 at 11:47 AM by Revloscaper Revloscaper is offline
There is something about 'scape that encourages creativity. Usually I am a stickler for considering the rules as canon. But, I keep finding myself tinkering with 'scape. So far it has only been tweaking the existing units (there are so many, and I have yet to play them all...).

And your Templar infantry is inspiring....
Posted February 7th, 2010 at 08:07 PM by TnT2 TnT2 is offline
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