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March 23rd, 2023, 05:35 PM
Welcome to the NGC Official Announcements thread. Here, we'll post big announcements about our planned releases, events, and more.

Current announcements:
Revna's Wrath (Content and release date) (https://www.heroscapers.com/community/showpost.php?p=2566262&postcount=2)

March 23rd, 2023, 05:37 PM
Breaking News from New Generation Customs!
Work has been going great for our team, we are ready to announce that the arrival of our first wave is on the horizon. Our first release will be coming on May 31st of this year, and with it a whole load of content, including:
- 5 Units from the Age of Annihilation run that never had cards released
- 3 Original Units (Cards, STL sources, painting guides, and online assets)
- War Journals, lore pieces, and unit bios
- 1 Map with two scenarios to support our story telling
- A number of recommended proxies for Age of Annihilation units that had released cards

Our releases will be story driven events set in the future shown to us by Age of Annihilation. At the end of May we will kick off Chapter 1 with this first wave, titled Revnaís Wrath, and begin telling a story from our Lore department that will show us new units and new worlds. On release day, everything that we create will be ready for you to print, play, and use at your table, or play online with the Online Heroscape or Tabletop Simulator platforms."


Stay up to date with NGC as we explore new stories, create new units, and explore all that this game has to offer with a new generation of content. NGCís goal is to create lore, maps, scenarios, units, terrain, destructible objects, and more to enhance the game on a regular basis starting with our first wave.

Join us on discord or another platform so you donít miss any developments, the countdown starts today!

NGC Website: https://www.newgenerationcustoms.com/
Newsletter Survey: https://forms.gle/14c5eNgn8kpYK3Wh7
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100090425471817
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NGCHeroscape
Email: NGC.Heroscape@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ngcheroscape/

April 12th, 2023, 12:33 AM
Hey all! Sorry we've been so quiet. We're still on schedule for wave one, and had scheduled with decreased availability due to the holidays in mind.

We'll be back with more substantial wave one news in the coming days. In the meantime, we'd like to share a peek at our "revised" rulebook, which aims to be a one-stop-shop covering the rules established in the BftU rulebook as well as the concepts detailed in the AoA draft rulebook.


April 23rd, 2023, 09:15 PM
Hey NGC players!

A quick update for today as we get closer to the end of May. All our units will be featuring painting guides that feature a picture of the painted unit, colors used, and some easy to follow steps. Let us know if this is something you'll find helpful!

Here is a guide for the Ticalla Titan for those of you that like to trample squad figures like insects.


We think it is important that everyone is able to have a clear picture of what the unit looks like so they can paint their units accordingly. Our goal is to use engaging but simple color schemes that anyone can mimic easily for a baseline. Definitely feel free to elevate your individual pieces with signature details for your table though!

May 2nd, 2023, 01:33 AM
Hey NGC Players,

We are counting down to our release on May 31st, so each week we will be highlighting a different unit with a scene.


Ewashia, Mistress of Tides is a powerful Dryan Wizard that fights for the General Volarak. Here she guards the edge of the rivers in the Forgotten Forest, those that oppose her soon learn that they are not safe... even on dry land.

Ewashia has a powerful special attack that can change the battlefield by forcing geysers of water to erupt from deep underground and wash her enemies away. We suggest playing her with familiars like Asli the Hornrender and Onshu the Welkineye.

She is currently set to release on May 31st in NGC's first wave complete with an STL for 3D printing, a paint guide, and lore detailing her place in the bigger story of Heroscape.

Come see how she works and get some playtests in (discord.gg/fc7ppFW3s4)!

Captain Stupendous
May 2nd, 2023, 11:34 AM
Hey NGC players!

A quick update for today as we get closer to the end of May. All our units will be featuring painting guides that feature a picture of the painted unit, colors used, and some easy to follow steps. Let us know if this is something you'll find helpful!

Here is a guide for the Ticalla Titan for those of you that like to trample squad figures like insects.


We think it is important that everyone is able to have a clear picture of what the unit looks like so they can paint their units accordingly. Our goal is to use engaging but simple color schemes that anyone can mimic easily for a baseline. Definitely feel free to elevate your individual pieces with signature details for your table though!

This will be really useful! Especially for painting noobs like me who have never picked up a brush :) One thought I had was whether a less "busy" background might be helpful? Just for the painting guides, of course. The background looks awesome for card/promotional art and should be showcased as such. Looking forward to May 31!

July 7th, 2023, 10:10 PM
Hey NGC fans!

We are getting back to work and looking forward to our next release of units, maps, and lore. Today there are some fun things to show off:

- New Lore Piece about Revna that may give clues as to where the war is heading... https://www.newgenerationcustoms.com/post/revnas-journal-2
- Three-Eyes Painting Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz1DxGrJmPo
- We have put two revisions out in playtesting with a spoiler on a brand new unit featured here.


New unit is in early development, we get it to you fast so you can see what things are like as we workshop them. Stop by the discord and help us work on new things as we get ready for wave 2 and beyond at the end of September. We welcome comments, playtests, and all chatter about our favorite game!

Discord: https://discord.gg/fc7ppFW3s4
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NGCHeroscape
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100090425471817
Email: NGC.Heroscape@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ngcheroscape/
Newsletter Survey: https://forms.gle/14c5eNgn8kpYK3Wh7
Link to main Heroscapers Thread: https://www.heroscapers.com/community/forumdisplay.php?f=211
Link to Steamworkshop PUBLIC: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2944681773
Link to Steamworkshop Private: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2943461343
OHS Assets PUBLIC: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/19tElZOZ1M4ii_dZ0NFTRL3fnV0iXlrVh04h5YxMDJU4/edit?usp=sharing

July 17th, 2023, 12:34 AM
Greetings NGC players,

A spooky addition to valhalla is on the way, but who was he summoned by? This fearsome entity hails from a planet that we have never seen before, a world where more possibilities lie in wait for us. Care to speculate?


Check out the lore spoiler for the nightwalker:

Join us on discord or another platform so you don’t miss any developments, the countdown starts today!

NGC Website: https://www.newgenerationcustoms.com/
Newsletter Survey: https://forms.gle/14c5eNgn8kpYK3Wh7
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100090425471817
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NGCHeroscape
Email: NGC.Heroscape@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ngcheroscape/

July 22nd, 2023, 02:27 PM
Good Morning NGC Fan!

We have 3 updates from this week:

1. Painting tutorial for Ewashia!


RogueIdealist delivers a great product again.

2. Lore piece, Thormun's Journal 263


New lore entry from Thormun's perspective that helps fill our fans in on where things are going, great writing on this one from the team!

Here we unearth some classic themes and imagery that are factoring into the future and tying loose ends together that the original run of heroscape never got to explore. Be sure to keep up on the lore because that is what drives our project for units, scenarios, and new entries in the greatest battle of all time.

3. A proxy card and book (https://www.heroscapers.com/community/showthread.php?t=62653) for AoA unit, Imperator Kayne!

Check out our discord for the STL and painting advice



The AoA figures are very important to us because our units and stories are being told in that future of Valhalla complete with the new planets, generals, and themes that were presented. If you are waiting for a proxy for a specific unit or want us to tinker with one of the unfinished AoA products let us know what you are waiting for.

We may have already started!

August 12th, 2023, 07:40 PM
Good Afternoon NGC Fan!

We have a direction shift to announce for our project today.

Renegade and Age of Annihilation

When Age of Annihilation's crowdfund failed, it was uncertain whether we would ever see an official release for that amazing new content, and we at NGC were determined to make it playable to the community no matter what Heroscape's future held. Thanks to Renegade Games, we now know that Heroscape: Age of Annihilation will see a triumphant return to store shelves in 2024.


As such, NGC has decided to release the last of our concept work on Age of Annihilation figures Zed, Girushia, Haluchott and the Vorid Glide Strikers, in Wave 2: Volarak's Vow, coming August 31st. From here, NGC will deliver innovative new customs set in the Age of Annihilation, and continue our work of supporting 3D-printed customs by and for the Heroscape community.


We hope you are ready to welcome wave 2 and even more ready for Wave 3 that is entirely made up of original content. More on that to follow later this fall.

August 20th, 2023, 11:38 PM
NGC's work thus far!


Wave 2 is just around the corner, set to drop the last day of August and it marks the end of our work done on all things proxy / AoA. We accomplished one of our initial goals that we set out to do but don't worry, everything we made will still be used at any events for NGC in the near future.

We are excited to announce that NGC will be holding a unit design contest. On 8 September we will announce a theme and open up for community submissions and allow 2 weeks for entry. The low down is that you'll need an STL, a write up for the unit, and some awesome creativity. The winner of this contest will get to work on their unit with the NGC team for a special release in the near future.

To get ready for the theme we suggest looking at Cryptids, from urban myths to the drabbles of the SCP Foundation and all things in between. We will be looking for the unexplainable. Be ready for more details as we get closer!

Official Site: www.newgenerationcustoms.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/QmNcJQ4x

August 27th, 2023, 03:41 PM
Hello NGC Fans!

Today we have two fun announcements. Wave 2 will be dropping next week but wave 3 is on the horizon for us with tons of original content. Later today, we have some new units will be making their way to public playtesting. To set the state for that we have some great scenery and a new piece of lore!


Find out more about these monstrous creature that hail from an NGC original planet, Whenua, by checking out our first lore entry involving them.

https://www.newgenerationcustoms.com/post/the-book-of-slatescale-direworms?fbclid=IwAR3tWto6jOqbC7NPNtu4xav8yO6EExJyBORzL9YV5n9dpBIaQe2 pCdgNjuo

We also have our debut on the Heroscape.org army builder so you can set up games and events using our units in tandem with classic and VC units.


Stop by the discord later today to get the lowdown on these new units and help us tune them for wave 3's release later this year. Drop by our public playtesting area to learn more.

August 31st, 2023, 08:48 PM
NGC is happy to release Wave 2: Volarak's Vow!

Live on the NGC website is our latest wave. This is a smaller release because we wanted to get these units out the door as they are based on concepts from the Age of Annihilation campaign. Doubtless Renegade Studios will be releasing different versions of these units. When we heard that we strove to get these concepts out the door for immediate use so we could focus on a different direction. Our goal will always be compatibility with the base game, meaning classic and the new release that Renegade Studios will bring.


Our custom versions will be legal for the time being in NGC events, act as good proxies, and stick around as alternate versions depending on how the Renegade release goes. In this wave we have:

Air Marshal Zed Nesbitt
Girushia, Grove Keeper
Haluchott, Corruptor of Beasts
Vorid Glide Strikers

Please check out our official website to download the cards, see the bios, and get started with print files: newgenerationcustoms.com

Online Heroscape Assets are live for this wave: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1kBrcMGtvvG3uB1YAxLankJvX7aowy1xdQhidZOIoWHs/edit

We thank you for your support and invite you to continue with us on the journey to Wave 3: Whenuan Streetside. From this point on, NGC will be focusing only on original units with no direct ties to the Age of Annihilation campaign. This wave in particular will be exploring a new setting that has a theme we hope you enjoy. Drop by our Discord to find out more: https://discord.gg/vnYkc8Jc

September 24th, 2023, 08:51 PM
Greetings NGC Players!


Join us as we count down the next weeks to October 31st where we dive into an original setting with horror and things that defy scientific reason. Get ready for:

7 Units

4 Terrain Pieces

2 Scenarios on a Scenario Map

1 Rules supplement (new mechanic incoming)

And all the lore to accompany what is happening. Check out our new promotional video for a sample of the atmosphere in this new setting called Whenua


In other news, the NGC Unit Contest has closed! All entries are posted on Heroscapers.com (https://www.heroscapers.com/community/showthread.php?t=62907), look for the winner on October 8th. Check out all the entries on Heroscapers.com to see the amazing ideas that everyone came up with.

Two new units have entered public playtesting as of today! Stop by the discord (https://discord.gg/kBP6MC2k) or newgenerationcustoms.com to see all the new things happening with agents from the planet of Whenua.


October 1st, 2023, 09:28 PM
Greetings NGC Players

Wave 3 is quickly approaching and with it come a few developments. The first being that the first official unit design contest has come to a close. Amidst the intense competition and strong designs we are happy to congratulate Sky Whale and the Stellanaut entry as the winner.


Second, we want to give everyone a sneak peak at Wave 4 where we switch gears a bit and look at some original characters that tie into the classic story of Heroscape and will be shaping our lore. The first is shown below, courtesy of RogueIdealist. We hope you enjoy this new Marro Warlord, it'll have some unique interactions though I don't think that Romans will be the go to build for it on your tables.


Drop by the discord and help us work on future waves!

October 5th, 2023, 11:19 AM
Love the look of this guy, he's so badass! I'm guessing he's gonna substantially buff the Grok Riders which is super exciting

October 20th, 2023, 09:24 PM
Greetings NGC Fans!

NGC Wave 3 is approaching!


Take cover with vehicular destructible objects!

Wave 3: Whenua Streets is releasing on October 31st. We have some fun atmospheric rules coming along with a new piece of terrain for your map building. Watch the Rogue Idealist showcase it here with a paint tutorial:



You can't move through these and they shed light on the situation during night time rules!

We also want to highlight the M.A.R.S. tournament (https://www.heroscapers.com/community/showthread.php?t=62948) run by a scaper known as Gbizzy! This awesome event for local heroscape players featured a Monster Mash format and had NGC figures as prizes. Look forward to seeing NGC units at some events near you, and if you need prize support or assistance please reach out to us.


Let us know if you want fliers, prizes, or other support for your event!

Join us on the discord and keep it spooky scapers!

Discord (https://discord.gg/ByqKmwwU)

Website (newgenerationcustoms.com)

October 31st, 2023, 09:57 PM
Happy Halloween NGC Players,


Today we are happy to release Wave 3: Whenuan Streetside. Whenua is a planet of our own making full of Cryptids that defy reason and Agents that try to make sure the population doesn’t see the unexplainable… or receives a healthy dose of amnestic treatment. Come check out the line up of new units:

Asli the Hornrender (https://www.newgenerationcustoms.com/post/the-book-of-asli-the-hornrender)
Cryptain Agents (https://www.newgenerationcustoms.com/post/the-book-of-cryptain-agents)
Klatzenskoll Nightwalker (https://www.newgenerationcustoms.com/post/the-book-of-klatzenskoll-nightwalker)
Nilsia Nights Echo (https://www.newgenerationcustoms.com/post/the-book-of-nilsia-night-s-echo)
Slatescale Direworms (https://www.newgenerationcustoms.com/post/the-book-of-slatescale-direworms)
Valor Agent Thomas Landis (https://www.newgenerationcustoms.com/post/the-book-of-valor-agent-thomas-landis)
Volgrun Sureshot (https://www.newgenerationcustoms.com/post/the-book-of-volgrun-sureshot)

We have all the resources for you to get started whether you need to contact a printer in the community or want to get the STLs for yourself. If you are starting with an unpainted mini then look no further and check out this video by the RogueIdealist where he is gearing up to take on frightening Nightwalker (just the intro thus far but he does all our paint tutorials):


We also have a few objects for the map builder in all of us, some of them even explode. We hope you enjoy using the derelict vehicles that block ranged attacks… and explode! There are also lamp posts to ward off the night atmosphere conditions, these may come in handy in scenarios and more serious games where you want to try fighting in the dark.


What’s next?

Look to see another wave from NGC in the spring where we introduce some more interesting things to the game. We will continue to support the community with 3D printed customs that explore previously unused design space by the established game and by other customs projects. That being said, we anxiously await the revival of the game and are looking forward to games with all of you with more fun units.


Thankyou for your support and happy Heroscaping

October 31st, 2023, 11:17 PM
Very creative designs! Asli the Hornrender's Space Rift is a really cool special power.

Captain Stupendous
October 31st, 2023, 11:38 PM
Love to see a new NGC release! Been looking forward to Volgrun for a while, and am happy to see the creative way you all figured out how to mechanically implement the power. As a wolves lover, I also am of course a fan of Nilsia. Thanks for creating and sharing these!

Master Roshi
November 1st, 2023, 01:34 PM
Looking good, keep it up!

November 17th, 2023, 07:25 PM
Happy Friday NGC players,

Update time before everyone scatters off for holiday fun this winter.

The Cryptid Contest unit is on its way, we are in the middle of development and just started getting tests in! So far it's turning out to be just as interesting and spooky as we had hoped, really excited to get a quantum radiation themed Astronaut out as a special release soon.


You'll want a few of these!

Look for wave 4 sometime in March. We will continue work on our original characters and settings, our release will continue to have synergies and compatibility with Classic Heroscape and Valhalla Customs. Since Renegade has yet to reveal the goods, we will avoid trying to make any more direct synergies with factions seen in the Age of Annihilation line up for the moment. Hopefully we can send you all warm thoughts for the spring... think dry and arid if you need a hint for next wave's theme!


A bit warm but better than snow!

NGC will be featured for an event at an in person convention! HexiCon II is a live event held on the weekend of February 28th in Elizabethtown, Kentucky at a local game store called Hard Knox Games. This promises to be an event with something for everyone, check out all the details on Heroscapers or ask our resident Megasilver here on the forums if you can't find what you need about the event: https://www.heroscapers.com/community/showthread.php?t=63015

And for those of you that are still working on printing and painting the recent wave 3 from Whenua, make sure to subscribe to the Rogue Idealist where you can find official paint tutorials for New Generation Customs. The most recent video features Nightwalker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsuM2Sf0VVo

Join us on the discord if you have questions or need help getting started with the only print and play customs project for Heroscape: https://discord.gg/v3E2JPfKDv

November 21st, 2023, 03:37 AM
Impressive work on all of this.