View Full Version : AOTP Rules More Compatible With Heroscape

February 26th, 2022, 01:27 PM
I've been play testing these rules for Areana of the Planeswalkers for a while now so that players using C3G or classic Scspe/C3V/SOV can have a more evenly matched fight.
Action 1: Draw a card (once per round).
Action 2: Summon up to two heros, or squads in any combination. Reveal Order Marker.
Action 3: Move and attack or cast a spell (optional).

Since some C3G characters have Magical Defenses I house ruled Planeswalkers to overcome Magical Defenses but they don't have the ability. Of course C3G characters with Magical Defenses don't have Spellbooks per se but I do let Planeswalkers or spells that make players discard cards affect C3G players. Enjoy!