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March 14th, 2016, 08:57 PM
Hi everyone! I'm Phoenix, and I've been posting some guides on a different site about how to play some of the factions in MTG: Arena, I thought I might share them here too.

First, I’d like to talk a little bit about my strategy when I play Jace; this strategy uses primarily base set figures and cards (Jace got very little gain from the expansion), but is still one of the strongest 1v1 planeswalkers in the game.
This strategy is mainly for 1v1 games with 200pt card limits and 500pt unit limit. However, the principles can still be used in team and FFA games.

Jayce's Erasure
Talent of the Telepath
Scatter Arc
Psychic Rebuttal
Twisted Image
Mind Control*
Selective Memory
Call to Heel*
*The only real change that I might do to the base deck is to switch out these two cards for Roilmage’s Trick, but I find these two cards slightly more reliable.

Illusions: The Illusions are mainly used for their extra card draw, and to move Jace around, nothing unique here. I like to summon them on the second turn or so. This allows one to be placed behind Jace in case things go sour, one to be placed on high ground (if possible) to allow Jace to get an elevation advantage, and the third can be placed wherever is best suited for the map.

Leyline Phantoms:
The Phantoms are quite the unit and get a little more use than the rarely activated Illusions. They have GREAT defense which makes them ideal for holding enemy Planeswalkers in place or keeping glyphs locked down. If you happen upon a Toughness glyph, these guys are crazy hard to kill. However, while their defense is great, the Phantoms have a nasty offensive trick up their sleeve which stems from their ability to walk through units, and proper use of the sorcery Twisted Image. What I really enjoy doing (main strategy here) is attacking from afar with Jace until the enemy Planeswalker comes into closer range. Then, I summon my Phantoms as close to the enemy Planeswalker as I can, on top of them if possible. On the next turn, I use Twisted Image to give the Phantoms 5 attack instead of 3, and they are almost inescapable because of their ability to move through units. From there, the enemy PW usually forced to take them out before moving on to Jace who snipes their PW from afar.

PW Specific Strategies:

Gideon: Gideon can be a tough match, especially if he gets a movement glyph. Ideally, use Jace to snipe from afar and don’t group up your units. The Twisted Phantom strategy should really be used as a finisher as grouping them up gives him an attack boost. However, using Misdirection can nab some nice buffs for your four armed horrors.

Chandra: Chandra can be quite the hard time for Jace if she's played correctly. Because of your low defense, one good surprise Firecat attack can really mess up your day, and her goblins can ignore the good defenses of you phantoms by doing direct damage. However, if Chandra is slow on her attack or inexperienced, you should have a fine time.

Nissa: Nissa is an odd matchup. You both attack at very high range, but your attack is higher 90% of the time while she will duck in and out of range. Stealing her Leaf Arrow is SUPER good for Jace (if she doesn’t destroy it first turn, smart players will), and most sorceries that she uses you can use too. She also has low defenses, so if you can manage to get them on her, they should be pretty effective.

Ob Nixilis: Ob is one tough customer. He will just laugh at your Phantoms before chopping them in half (though getting a free draw is pretty nice), and can easily fly over to Jace and start really hurting. Also annoying is that he can make you discard random cards hurting one of your most powerful tools as blue. Transferring his own Despise onto him and destroying Altar’s Reap are very important. This will probably be one of your harder games. Thankfully he only really gets to choose one squad to summon and you can try to move him away from you using your special ability and get him to kill his own units.

Liliana: Liliana is similar to Ob, but less powerful in my opinion. Sure she can buff her zombie’s defenses, but that doesn’t help her if she gets jumped by Phantoms or her zombie’s are de-summoned. However, watch out for killing wave as that single card is REALLY good against Twisted Phantoms.

Keyora: Keyora has two main Strengths: boosted defense in water, and her sheer versatility by being dual-color. It is very difficult to know what cards you should be using your hidden enchants on because she could have practically anything, even your own strategies! Keyora’s only downfall is that she’s not all that powerful while out of water, not to mention you outrange her. This is a very unpredictable matchup.

That just about wraps it up, thanks for reading :) I’ll probably update this with a section on using the Roilmage, but until then, tell me what you think! PO

March 15th, 2016, 01:58 PM
Nice write up,

It is nice to see the AotP getting some strategy love.

March 18th, 2016, 02:48 PM
I feel like the "playing against Jace" guide would be the harder one to write. ;)

I disagree fairly strongly about not activating the Illusions. When I've played Jace I activated the Illusions more than anything else. My basic strategy was to leverage their range and high attack to snipe at my opponents from a safe distance, and use Jace's spells to keep them safe. Of course, this strategy can fall apart and probably will fall apart at some point during the game, but it's my initial approach, and then you go from there as the battle develops.

nate the dawg
March 24th, 2016, 10:01 AM

1) Summon a couple of squads.

2) Draw a few extra cards.

3) Bounce everything your opponent has worked so hard to build all the way back to his reserve area.

4) Win.

Just kidding!...sorta!...

Nice write-up, I've just never really had a trouble with Jace. He plays just like a blue opponent would in MTG; he pisses everyone off!

Now if anyone would like to write one of these about winning with Gideon, that would be most helpful.