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June 24th, 2014, 10:07 PM
The Holocron of Echo Base Assault

Adventure Pack 1: The Battle of Hoth

A HoSS Scenario


PDF (http://www.heroscapers.com/community/downloads.php?do=file&id=4205)

Required sets & items: 1 RotV, 2 TT, 1 Shield Generator DO, & 1 Anti-Infantry Battery DO


Map Bio - Darth Vader's galaxy-wide search for the young Skywalker has resulted in the Empire's discovery of a secret Rebel Alliance Base on Hoth. The Rebel Base is well shielded from aerial bombardment and thus General Veers has been deployed to the surface for a direct assault.

-Special rules and Clarifications-
Slippery Ice & Regular Snow rules are in play. Place the Shield Generator Destructible Object on the map where the green start zone is located. Place the Anti-Infantry Battery Destructible Object on the map where the orange start zone is located. The Rebel Alliance may set up their forces anywhere in the blue start zone. The Galactic Empire may set up their forces anywhere in the red start zone.

Rebel Alliance Forces
Major Derlin
Atgar Cannon x2
Rebel Heavy Gunner x2
Rebel Snow Troopers x 3
525 points/14 spaces

Galactic Empire Forces
General Veers
AT-ST x1
E-Web Trooper x1
Snow Troopers x3
610 points/13 spaces

Overwhelming Forces
Before placing Order Markers on the round after a full squad of Snowtroopers or an uncommon hero that follows the Galactic Empire is destroyed, return the destroyed squad or uncommon hero to the Galactic Empire's starting zone. Each uncommon hero may only be returned to the starting zone one time. You may return up to 3 squads of Snowtroopers.

Rebel Victory Conditions
The Rebel Alliance Ground forces cannot hope to prevent the Galactic Empire from overtaking Echo Base. Instead they must hold out long enough for the evacuating ships to successfully escape. If the Shield Generator has not been destroyed at the end of Round 7, the evacuation will be considered a success, and the Rebel Alliance wins the game. The Rebel Alliance may have lost Echo Base, but they can still win the war!

Empire Victory Conditions
The Rebel Alliance on Hoth is attempting to flee the might of the Galactic Empire. Crush all Rebel Alliance ground forces that resist and destroy the Shield Generator. While this outcome is all but guaranteed, time is essential as every moment the Shield Generator remains operational, another Rebel Alliance Ship escapes. The Galactic Empire wins the game if the Shield Generator is destroyed before the end of round 7.

-Strategy, Tactics and Tips-
-Heroscapers Community Contributions-
First playtest: Yodaking Test 1, Test 2
Second playtest: Porkins Test 1 & Test 2

June 27th, 2014, 01:43 PM
The PDF does not have the map on it...

June 27th, 2014, 02:41 PM
The PDF does not have the map on it...

Wait... Umm... Porkins will have to add it in. Sorry about that.

June 27th, 2014, 03:04 PM
For now, the map instructions are in the rulebook.

June 29th, 2014, 02:40 PM
Fixed. Sorry about that; not sure what happened there.

July 12th, 2014, 06:46 PM
Is there anyway to stretch those snow tiles from expansions into enough to build Echo Base Assault? I only have one TT, but I really want to play this scenario. If not, what's a good way to proxy it up?

If you have any Marvel sets, the concrete tiles are close enough in color to pass for snow. If you have any Underdark master sets, the dungeon tiles are different enough from the others to call them snow for the purpose of building the map. The rock outcrops are the same as the 1 and 3 space glaciers, too.

I used all 24 snow 2-hex & all 24 snow single hex tiles from the two TT sets, and all of them are visible tiles. I also used 37 of the 42 available ice tiles, not counting the bases. You get 21 single ice tiles in one TT set and you will have extra ice tiles from the unused ice outcrop bases.

The 3 hex ice outcrop & 1 hex ice outcrop can be placed next to each other in place of the 2nd 4 hex ice outcrop so 1 TT will give you what you need for ice outcrops. That then leaves you with the 6 hex ice outcrop base and 2 single ice out crop bases, for a total of 8 additional ice tiles. Added to the 21 you get with 1 TT, and you have 29 of the 37 ice tiles used. The 8 remaining ice tiles I would just proxy with water tiles from the master set, 3 of which you can place under the AIB. For the other 5 water tiles, I'd just use them in the start zone area so they are out of the way.

If you only have 1 TT set, you will need to figure out something for 12 snow 2-hexes & 12 snow 1-hexes though. If you bought a lot of the later wave boosters you will have a bunch of snow 2-hexes and many of the single snow hexes can be easily replaced with snow 2-hexes. So if you have 18 snow 2 hexes from the boosters then you should be able to build the map.

If you don't, then a single Marvel set gives you enough concrete tiles to replace the missing snow tiles. I just pulled up the VS file and tired it out and it does work. You just have to use the 7 hex concrete pieces to fully get there. On the second layer of the map build on either side there is a place where you can substitute two of the 7 hex concrete tiles for 14 total now tiles. The last 7 hex concrete tile can be used on the first payer of the map, right in the middle. Only 5 of the hexes will be seen, remove the grass 3 hex and replace it with a single grass hex and part of the 7 hex concrete tile. Or instead of using the last 7 hex concrete tile, you can use the warehouse ruin base and easily replace 6 snow hexes with it.