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  1. The Book of A City Overrun Scenario
  2. The Book of Recruit The Batman Scenario
  3. The Book of Undead Alliance Scenario
  4. The Book of An Icy Reunion Scenario
  5. The Book of A World in Chaos Scenario
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  8. The Book of Abandoned Missle Base Map
  9. The Book of Island Sanctum Map
  10. The Book of Carnival of Carnage Map
  11. Fast Lane - a competitive C3G map
  12. The Book of Underground Lair - In Progress
  13. The Book of The Sewer Entrance
  14. The Book of Aldridge Chemicals
  15. The Book of Ruins of Heroes Past
  16. Hostage Holdout - Obsolete Initial Design
  17. The Book of Another Day At The Office
  18. C3G Mapmaking - "Competitive" Discussion
  19. Fantastic Forces Unite - Campaign
  20. The Book of Crime Alley Map
  21. The C3G Map Pack
  22. Fan 4 Maps
  23. The Book of Subterranean Subterfuge Scenario
  24. The Book of Doom's Deception Scenario
  25. The Book of Cosmic Invasion Scenario
  26. The Book of Sanctum City Piers Map
  27. The Book of Shadows Over Gotham Scenario
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  29. The Book of Heir Apparent Scenario (Design Phase)
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  36. The Book of Yellowstone Throwdown - On Hold
  37. Map for War of the Tyrants
  38. Schloss Wolken
  39. Skybridge
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  41. The Book of Avengers Tower - On Hold
  42. The Book of Sokovian Aftermath Map - On Hold
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