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  1. Music: What are you listening to right now?
  2. Your favorite Prog bands (aka what is ProgRock?)
  3. Norwegian Folk Metal (and Other Sub-Metals)
  4. Local Bands?
  5. The Beatles Best Song
  6. Marillion and Fish fans...Fish US/CAN Tour dates
  7. The Band QUEEN's best song
  8. Great Big Sea
  9. Fresh Sounds: "Flobots"
  10. Spirit Creek....best band ever?
  11. Any Bob Dylan Fans
  12. RIP Danny Federici
  13. Lyrics Born
  14. MySpace Artists
  15. My music...
  16. non-christian hardcore bands!?
  17. What is your favorite music genre?
  18. Mayhem Festival
  19. Dr. Steel
  20. Music discussion thread: Switchfoot.
  21. The Songs Of Youtube
  22. Music Discussion Thread: The Band
  23. What do you all think of this.
  24. Scorpions/Ratt Concert
  25. HSisforcoolkids' Beatboxing Skills
  26. Play Lists Music
  27. Apocalyptica
  28. Journey, Heart, and Cheap Trick!
  29. What is your favorite song of all time?
  30. Bands or Artists You Wish You Have Listened To Way Back
  31. RIP Richard Wright
  32. The Killers new Single released! Human!
  33. Concerts you have attended
  34. The Soundtrack To Your Life
  35. Band Discussion: Family Force 5
  36. Kid-Friendly Halloween Songs
  37. Music Discussion Thread: M.I.A.
  38. The Best and worst music videos.
  39. Do you Play Music?
  40. The music industry and free downloads
  41. What Are Your Top 10 Most Played Songs?
  42. What do you listen for in a song?
  43. Faith No More to REUNITE!
  44. If you love real hip-hop, let me hear you make some noise!!
  45. Anyone still have vinyl?
  46. The LEONARD COHEN Appreciation Society
  47. Free, *Legal* Music.
  48. Any Panheads out there?!?!?!
  49. Help Identify Music Rock Metal Pins
  50. The Rap vs. Techno Debate
  51. Rage Against the Machine
  52. The Guitar Project Thread
  53. Metallica Albums
  54. iTunes free weekly downloads worth it?
  55. Live webcast experiment...Friday night(s)
  56. Converting MIDI to MP3
  57. Last.FM on xbox 360
  58. KISS Live Tonight on Facebook
  59. Metal, and Who Out There Enjoys It?
  60. whitestuff sings!
  61. My music.
  62. Music Interpritation Thread
  63. My Uncle's Music
  64. Metal legend Ronnie James Dio dead at 67
  65. lena is the winner
  66. ChilliDog's Tunez
  67. WTF were they thinking Thread
  68. Rick astley made a new song
  69. God save the Queen!
  70. It makes me want to weep...
  71. Concert band (ie scool band): what do you play?
  72. Sigur Ros
  73. Roger Waters: The Wall
  74. What's your favorite music?
  75. What is your favorite classical music?
  76. Edward Sharp & the Magnetic Zeros
  77. Original vs Cover
  78. New Radiohead album - The King of Limbs
  79. Our Talent Show Cover :D
  80. What are YOUR Top Ten Songs? (Of the Decade)
  81. Help Support the Red Fox Run's FIRST EP
  82. Any composers out there?
  83. Finale or Sibelius?
  84. LO FI Thread !
  85. Favorite Yes album??
  86. Playlist for Heroscape sessions
  87. RIP Adam Yauch / MCA of Beastie Boys fame
  88. Marillion North American Tour
  89. The Who
  90. Zeppelin's Celebration Day
  91. Any guitarists out there?
  92. The Stray Birds
  93. The Fledgelings
  94. Need some drums. Help?
  95. Billboard Discussion
  96. Check out AJ Federico