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  1. Who here is actually going to buy MarvelScape
  2. Extremely Premature Marvel Expansion Discussion Thread
  3. What would you prefer?
  4. Lessons from HeroClix
  5. Most Wanted Super Heros
  6. Most Unlikely Super for MarvelScape
  7. Possible Halo-Scape?
  8. Anyone remember OzmanStrange's game? (Capes & Cowls)
  9. Licensed 'Scape products.
  10. Balanced point values for Marvel HS figures?
  11. 1/43 Scale Cars should be about perfect...
  12. But what about DC?
  13. Power types?
  14. Civillians
  15. Marvel Super Hero Teams
  16. Hulk Vs. Krug
  17. Marvelscape Costing Contest!
  18. Any guesses on powers??
  19. Could MarvelScape stats be weaker than Heroscape stats?
  20. MarvelScape Scenario(s)
  21. Official G.I. JOE/Sigma 6 Heroscape Petition!
  22. Rules...
  24. Marvel Superheros
  25. Expansions... ideas?
  26. Map ideas for Marvelscape
  27. Super Powers
  28. Combining Marvelscape and Heroscape
  29. Why limit to Marvel or DC?
  30. Match-ups you want to see!
  31. Glad to see there's no Wolvie...
  32. Expansion Speculation
  33. How should the expansions be set up?
  34. Multiple costumes/uniforms how will this be handled?
  35. Scaling the powers (The Advance thread)
  36. The Heroclix mistake, will HS repeat it?
  37. What can we expect from Marvelscape?
  38. Whens these hitting.....Walmart has a tag on the shelf but..
  39. Update: Marvelscape "shelf position"
  40. Marvelscape haters
  41. Thank you, Craig... plus Gosh Darn It To Heck!!!
  42. Picture of Marvelscape?
  43. Is Iron Man Overpriced?
  44. Iron Man Stats
  45. Marvelscape Compatability
  46. Iron Man's Adamantium Cup
  47. Marvel Terrain
  48. Raising Stink About Ruins
  49. Marvel Sculpts
  50. September: Halo-Clix = Haloscape?
  51. Unique Villains?
  52. Where's Thor and Loki?
  53. Heroscape Proxy Heroes.
  54. Captain America Dies
  55. 1 Month to Marvel Heroscape
  56. Marvelscape....Hazardous to your squads health
  57. Would you buy Heroscape Comics by Marvel?
  58. Thanos?
  59. A question that needs to be answered :)
  60. Marvelscape armies
  61. Am I the only one here not interested at all in Marvel HS?
  62. Marvel Zombies
  63. Ninthdoc, hand bags, and Skynight Compatibility
  64. Anyone Work at K-mart? Marvel HS Related
  65. Changing Costume Spider-Man Figure!!!
  66. Marvel Heroscape Terrain = Bad 80s video
  67. Marvel Squads?
  68. Multiple Versions of the same hero
  69. Books of Marvelscape?
  70. Will you use Marvelscape with Heroscape?
  71. marvel zombies
  72. The Fantastic Asian Wedding
  73. Marvel Theoryscape vs. Reality
  74. Terrain Exspantions: Skyscraper set?
  75. Theories about future abilities
  76. One shot deal with marvelscape or will it have expansions?
  77. Ultimate Showdowns
  78. New member with a new idea
  79. Dr. Doom's Cape Hit Zone
  80. Dr Doom Mind Exchange Idea
  81. Marvel Power Artifact Glyphs
  82. here is 1
  83. Mixing Marvel?
  84. Which do you think you will like more?
  85. Venocs vs. Spiderman
  86. What will be the first Marvel Expansion?
  87. Marvel HS mixed with normal HS - results so far...
  88. Books of Marvelscape?
  89. Size Comparison
  90. Marvel MS Points vs Heroscape MS Points
  91. Marvelscapes lack of terrain
  92. Your favorite?
  93. Will you mix Marvel and Classic figures in your games
  94. Marvel is fun
  95. Creative uses for Marvelscape terrain
  96. Getting ready for a Friday nite Superhero Smackdown!
  97. Marvel Legends Theory - I know the next 2 expansions!!!
  98. Anyone got battles???
  99. Home Planets
  100. Large Marvel Expansions like Raknar's Vision/Orm's Return
  101. Unofficial Marvel Valkyrie Draft, Complete
  102. Anti-Hero Theory
  103. Marvel Heroscape First Impressions
  104. Playing on squares instead of hexes?
  105. Will the Marvel draft happen? My doubts.
  106. Will there be X-Men characters in MarvelScape?
  107. Marvel - The Draft Begins, Ullar Picks First
  108. Marvel Draft - Go Vydar Go
  109. Themed Armies - 500 points
  110. Marvel Draft - Jandar and the Guaranteed Draft Pick
  111. Marvel Draft - WWED = What Would Einar Do?
  112. I got MY bubble burst when I said No Beast or SuperSkrull
  113. Marvel Draft - Utgar and the Following Arguments
  114. marvel heroscape at walmart
  115. Is it worth it?
  116. Marvel Zombies Scenario idea.
  117. What 5 figures do you want to see in the next Expansion?
  118. Lack of team affiliations in Marvelscape
  119. Standard HS in Marvel HS Universe - Thematic Playability
  120. Hulk vs. Thing
  121. Spider-Man vs Venom
  122. To Mix or Not to Mix
  123. Good vs Evil
  124. Incorporating Marvel
  125. What are you playing more Heroscape, Marvel or a mix?
  126. Innocent Bystanders
  127. Would you purchase Galactus?
  128. anyone who hates the marvel pieces
  129. am i alone here?
  130. my apolagies
  131. Secret Wars Terrain Expansion
  132. Robin
  133. Potential Non-City Marvel Terrain/Objects
  134. Marvelscape what hexes come with??
  135. Thor in Valhalla
  136. Newbie with questions
  137. Venom, Lethal Protector
  138. Thor = Hulk ?
  139. Road Overhangs
  140. My friend...
  141. Multiple Master Sets
  142. Custom Marvel Dice?
  143. Figure Re-basing
  144. my critique of marvelscape and how it compares to heroscape
  145. Uniquely Marvel Scape
  146. Crooked Surf Board?
  147. What do you think about the Marvel expansion?
  148. Needed: Throwable Objects
  149. Marvel Draft - Intermission
  151. Anyone else's wall crooked?!
  152. Getting the most out of MarvelScape
  153. A challenge
  154. Mind Exchanged still friendly?
  155. Question for current and ex-heroclixers.
  156. Why would you use Marvel figures in Heroscape games?
  157. Disappoined
  158. Mixed Marvel/Heroscape Self-Run Tourney
  159. Knockback house rule
  160. Marvel Draft - Jandar, by color, by theme, or by WTF?
  161. Marvel Draft - Ullar, oh Ullar, Whyfore art thou Ullar?
  162. New Marvel Clone, 1 st impressions
  163. Marvel Draft - Vydar, dazed and confused.
  164. not saying hasbro is sexist but.....
  165. Marvel Draft - Einar, and Utgar gets the Scraps.
  166. How much does marvelscape cost where you are?
  167. A way to make marvelscape more compatible with classic.
  168. Red Skull does NOT cost too much
  169. Need help on a scenario
  170. Need thor!
  171. Marvel Draft - Conclusion, Credits, & Aquilla
  172. Custom Virtualscape tiles
  173. Hulk v. Grimnak
  174. How many points is too many?
  175. Possible Glyphs for MarvelScape
  176. Marvel Moving Fast?
  177. Marvel Maps & Scenarios
  178. Marvel terrain expansion/master set ideas
  179. More thoughts on how accurate Marvelscape translates...
  180. Marvel/Heroscape Mixed Tourney #2
  181. The Justice League Of Valhalla -- BATTLE REPORT
  182. marvel vs hero
  183. Thanos Death Rejection
  184. Extra Marvel Figures For Sale
  185. Marvel Character Bio's On Marvel.com
  186. pwning the Hulk...
  187. question about marvel scape
  188. the marvel master set hoe good is it?
  189. Reinforcements arrive when?
  190. Marvel Scenes
  191. Scrye reviews Marvel HeroScape...
  192. If you just need cheap(er) Marvel Zombies, check look here
  193. Sub Standard Paint job
  194. Competitive mixed marvel/classic 500pt armies
  195. Marvelscape - Second Expansion?
  196. Is the Silver Surfer Too Much For Classic 'Scape?
  197. Large Expansion
  199. Dr. Doom's Mind Exchange
  200. Heroscaperhuh Whines Pointlessly
  201. Marvel: Gateway Drug for Classic 'Scape?
  202. Marvel Expansion Set
  203. Marvel are they worth buying?
  204. Isn't Marvel just Expensive Heros?
  205. Marvel Heroscape Negativity. I really don't get it.
  206. Help marvel scapes compatible with original?
  207. No Mr. Fantastic in the Newest Expansions - Reasons Why?
  208. Is the Hulk "broken?"
  209. What Marvel Heroes Will Have The Most Distinctive Powers?
  210. Is there a second edition marvel?
  211. Super Strength - Knockback
  212. MarvelScape at WonderCon this year?
  213. MarvelScape House Rule - "Down But Not Out"
  214. Multiple Attacks and Marvel Heroes
  215. Movement Boosting and Marvel Heroes
  216. MARVEL SuperHero RPG by TSR (now a WotC license)
  217. Newbie question... thank you
  218. Where are all the female characters?
  219. Hulk And Charos In Tourney
  220. New HS Fan, Is Marvel as fun as ROTV?
  221. What alternate versions of heroes do you wanna see?
  222. DC Heroes
  223. Classic Heroscapers' view on MarvelScape (another)
  224. Marvelscape: How it should have been!
  225. New Marvel set for sale
  226. Second Expansion Packaging?
  227. This may sound like a stupid question, but...
  228. The Imperfects
  229. Dislike for Marvel Master Set?
  230. Some questions for us ill informed
  231. incorporating marvel into regular scape?
  232. tell me this
  233. Hasbro, WOTC, Marvel, DC
  234. Marvel Set for $6?
  235. Further Play Help
  236. Superhero Maps and Scenarios (DC/Marvel and beyond)
  237. I now have MARVELscape.........
  238. Which HS factions would you assign the Marvel figs to?
  239. Questions from ill-informed Marvel-only, first timer.
  240. MARVELSCAPE avialable in the UK for 9.99
  241. The S on the Heroscape cards?!
  242. LOS Daredevil
  243. MArvel vs. classic
  244. What if you nullified Thanos' Rejected By Death ability?
  245. Alternate MarvelScape cover art
  246. Destructible terrain piece question(s)
  247. Would MarvelScape do better if....?
  248. Marvel Wave 1 Predicted Costs
  249. When Marvel:TRA comes out, Would you play Marvel-Only?
  250. Essential Marvel